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A lady is a woman who is the counterpart of a lord; or, the counterpart of a gentleman. The term Lady can be used as a title...


The term gentleman, in its original and strict signification, denoted a man of good family, the Latin generosus...

Miss is a title, typically used for an unmarried woman. It is a contraction of mistress, originating during the Victorian era. Its counterpart, Mrs., was used for married women... Miss
Mr. (or Mr) is a social title used for a man. It is an abbreviation of Mister, though it is almost never spelt out in normal usage... Mr.
Master is a term that indicates a person from stanton). The female equivalent (in limited use in modern times) is mistress. The term has a number of uses... Master

Master is a term that indicates a person from stanton). The female equivalent (in limited use in modern times) is mistress. The term has a number of uses:

  • Master was a title originating in England which was used in the Middle Ages for men of fairly high rank, such as gentlemen, priests or scholars. Its use predates Mister, which is derived from it. More recently is was used as a title for boys and unmarried men, but it is now almost entirely obsolete.
  • The male heir-apparent or heir-presumptive to a title in the Peerage of Scotland holds the title of Master.
  • Master once described the male head of a household or a male property owner in some contexts.
  • A Master's degree is a graduate degree in a specified discipline from a college or university (except in some British universities, where it can be an undergraduate degree).
  • A spiritual teacher, guide, guru
  • A master craftsman is a person who has a high level of skill in a craft or art form. Traditionally it applied to a craftsman who had completed an apprenticeship and set up in business on his own account.
  • A master tradesman is a person who is fully qualified in a licensed trade. This is usually granted following instruction, testing and a period of practical experience.
  • The Masters Tournament is one of golf's four major championships.
  • The Masters Cup of disc golf is an annual event on the PDGA tour.
  • The Masters is a snooker tournament.
  • Tennis Masters Cup is a tennis tournament.
  • Masters League Football is a soccer league in Britain contested by retired footballing legends.
  • In Korean martial arts, master is the title above black belt which allows the holder to operate a school (dojang). A higher rank is grandmaster.
  • National Master and Senior Master are ranks in United States chess. A player who has played 300 games as a National Master is designated a Life Master. FIDE Master, International Master, and International Grandmaster are ranks in international chess. See also chess master.
  • A master unit is a mechanical or electronic unit which commands or controls another unit, so that they work in tandem or in parallel.
  • A master was also another name for a slaveholder. See also slavery.
  • In BDSM, a Master is a man who takes a dominant role. The feminine equivalent is Mistress or Dominatrix.
  • Master Aircrew is the highest non-commissioned rank held by aircrew in the Royal Air Force.
  • master recording is the original of a visual and/or sound recording, which is then mixed and/or cut into a template from which distributable copies are made.
  • The term Master Mariner has several meanings in a nautical context;
  • A Schoolmaster once referred to a male school teacher. This usage survives in British public schools, but is generally obsolete elsewhere.
  • Master was once used for skilled (usually non-academic) instructors, as in Dance Master, Music Master, Fencing Master. This use is rare today but survives in maestro.
  • Master is the title of the heads of certain colleges at Oxford and Cambridge universities.
  • The Master of the United College is the head of the United College at the University of St Andrews.
  • Master refers to the master/slave configuration in Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA).
  • Master is an American Death metal band.
  • Masters in athletics, especially track and field, is the name of the category reserved for competition among older athletes; the name of the category for keeping world records for these athletes; and a term for the competitors themselves.
  • Master Table in database development, refers to a table that is on the one side of a one-to-many relationship. Master View refers to a view that combines any and all base tables to represent all possible columns and rows for an entity.
  • In law, a master is a quasi-judicial officer who is appointed by a court for a limited purpose (such as to adjudicate discovery disputes in a complex case) or is permanently employed to conduct non-adjudicative proceedings such as arraignments, mediations, or the like.
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