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Tech to be featured as part of GSC's football TV package 
The Courier - Jun 24 11:09 AM
Courier sports staff The Wonder Boys will be back in prime time this season.

Disney names John Pepper non-executive chairman 
USA Today - 2 hours, 25 minutes ago
Former Procter & Gamble Chairman and Chief Executive John Pepper will become non-executive chairman of The Walt Disney Co. in January, succeeding former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell.

disney channel
Disney signs IPTV carriage deal in Thailand 
Digital Television Group - Jun 29 5:00 AM
Walt Disney's international TV distribution arm has reached a carriage deal for the Disney Channel and Playhouse Disney on True Digital Entertainment's internet protocol television (IPTV) IPTV platform in Thailand.

Luke Winn: behind the scenes at the 2006 NBA Draft 
Sports Illustrated - 21 minutes ago
Twenty-thousand people flocked to Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night ... to see the sold-out Madonna: Confessions Tour. The other couple of thousand were there for the first-ever NBA Role Player Draft -- or the 2006 NBA Draft, whichever you prefer to call it. Stars (and divas) it lacked, but it was ripe with drama in the form of 15 trades, hell-raising Knicks fans and secret agents. After a

DJ Shadow Reveals Tracklist 
Pitchfork - 1 hour, 2 minutes ago
We've already told you that DJ Shadow is getting crunk on his new album, which is called The Outsider and is coming out on Universal, but now, we've got ourselves a tracklist.

dj rankin
Recent Artist news 
soundgenerator.com - Jun 28 5:01 AM
DJ Cash Money, the former World DJ Mixing Champion, and first inductee into the DJ Hall Of Fame, gave an exclusive performance in aid of the Puma 'United for Africa' charity at the World Cup this weekend.

dj sammy
New Orleans Times-Picayune - Jun 29 12:42 AM
String Quartet Concert Temple Sinai, 6227 St. Charles Ave. Professors in the College of Music at Loyola University present a concert, featuring works by Prokofiev, Haydn and Brahms. 8. Donations go to Habitat for Humanity's new Musicians Village of New Orleans. Call 861-5882.

dj tiesto
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Original Soundtrack 
Teen Music - 1 hour, 54 minutes ago
Walt Disney Records will release the soundtrack to one of the summer's most highly anticipated blockbuster movies, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, on July 4, 2006. Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer (The Da Vinci Code, The Lion King), who produced the soundtrack to the first movie in the Pirates trilogy, returned to compose the rousing score for Dead Man's Chest, and Dutch DJ Tiësto

Deal appeal 
Chicago Tribune - Jun 29 3:31 AM
In the end, Paxson gets players he wanted to improve Bulls' core, writes Sam Smith Hello Tyrus.

Dog Breeds
Domestication set dog genes free 
New Scientist - Jun 28 11:15 AM
When humans domesticated the grey wolf they unwittingly freed its genome from the tyranny of natural selection - opening the way for the huge variety of dog breeds we see today

dog pictures
Dog park may change rules after pitbull attack 
WBBH - Jun 28 3:56 PM
In the past month, two separate attacks have left dogs badly injured at Cape Coral's Wagging Tails Dog Park and both fights involved pitbulls. With the park set to close for renovations, park managers think it could be the perfect time to change the rules.

dog the bounty hunter
Cable Television Directory 
Backstage.com - Jun 28 8:00 PM
The following is a listing of cable television shows, with description, by network. Dog the Bounty Hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, the legendary bounty hunter who last year captured fugitive Max Factor heir Andrew Luster is the focus of this series.

dogs for sale
Reservoir Dogs ban explained ( News ) 
EuroGamer - Jun 28 4:13 AM
Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification has released a statement explaining why forthcoming movie tie-in Reservoir Dogs has been refused a rating - and thereby banned from sale.

dolly parton
Billboard.com -- Burke Belts It Out In 'Nashville' 
Billboard.com - 23 minutes ago
Beyond duets with Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Patty Loveless, "Nashville" finds Burke trying his hand at Bruce Springsteen's "Ain't Got You," Don Williams' "Atta Way To Go" and Jim Lauderdale's "Seems Like You're Gonna Take Me Back."

don omar
Gambia: Sheikh Omar, Others Sworn in 
AllAfrica.com - Jun 28 8:05 AM
Sheikh Omar Faye, the newly appointed Secretary of State for Youth, Sports and Religious Affairs, with two Permanent Secretaries at the Office of the President, Bai Ebrima Jobe and Mrs Tenengba Jaiteh, was yesterday sworn in at State House.

dont lie
Letters to the Editor - 6/28/2006 
North County Times - Jun 28 8:14 PM
Great picture of two police officers carting off a lawbreaking skateboarder ("Skateboarders protest citations near O'side beach," June 22)! Be sure to tell the Oceanside tourist center to let those tourist families know to leave the skateboards at home or their children will be meeting the OPD in a very unfriendly way.

dora the explorer
Local Man Accused Of Sexually Abusing Toddler 
WTOV 9 Steubenville - Jun 27 1:48 PM
Police say a Moundsville man forced the girl to play a sex game he called "Dora The Explorer."

Cocopahs plan to buy Dove Valley 
The Yuma Sun - Jun 26 10:03 PM
The Cocopah Tribe announced plans Monday to purchase the Dove Valley Golf Course in Somerton, but is not releasing details of the sale until the plans are finalized.

dragon ball
PRESS RELEASE: Red Hot Arcade-Fighter 'Super Dragon Ball Z' Goes Gold 
gamesindustry.biz - 29 minutes ago
LYON, FRANCE – 30 June 2006 – Atari today announced that development is complete on Super Dragon Ball Z for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

Japanese, South, North Korean children show amity through drawings 
Kyodo via Yahoo! Asia News - Jun 29 2:23 AM
_ A weeklong exhibit of self-portraits and other drawings by children in North Korea, South Korea and Japan began Thursday in Tokyo to promote reciprocal knowledge and mutual friendship.

drawn together
Review: Drawn together: Westport's latest like a dream 
Stamford Advocate - Jun 29 2:11 AM
Have you ever had a dream so vivid that when you woke up, it took you a few moments to realize it was not real? Or better yet, a dream so real, that your morning was drab and unreal compared to it?

dream kelly
Kelly Dwyer: Draft day trades easy to dream, tough to complete 
Sports Illustrated - Jun 28 2:56 PM
It is doubtful that Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo was whiling his afternoon away on Tuesday watching NBA TV, but I was, and couldn't help but notice a marked difference from the slick Raptors boss we see strutting about in 2006, and the 1988-version of B.C. that made a cameo in Tuesday's repeat of that year's draft.

dress up games
What's happening 
Chicago Suburban News - Jun 29 3:22 AM
Family funBring a picnic meal and experience one of the countrys first holidays through 1890s games music and patriotic speeches including the reading of the Declaration of Independence during Celebrating the Fourth. Performances will be at 130 and 330 p.m. Saturday and Sunday July 1 and 2 at Kline Creek Farm in Winfield. Call 630 876-5900.Arboretum Adventures Survival Skills will be from 1 to

Capirossi: I am basically okay. 
Crash.Net via Yahoo! UK & Ireland Sport - Jun 29 5:09 AM
The 2006 MotoGP World Championship moves past half-distance at Donington Park this weekend with Ducati Marlboro's Loris Capirossi still third in the points chase despite the injuries he sustained at Catalunya on June 18.

felicity fey
Lindsay, there's such a thing as being too picky 
Lexington Herald-Leader - Jun 11 12:12 AM
Lindsay Lohan has hopped off her latest movie project, Bill, because a first-time director is at the helm. Lohan says she wants to work only with big-name directors and is focusing on Georgia Rule with Garry Marshall, co-starring Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman. Good company.

fetal hiccups
Looking at Your Newborn: What's Normal 
KidsHealth.org via Yahoo! News - Jun 15 5:00 PM
In delivery room scenes on TV and in the movies, the mother-to-be, often a famous actress in full makeup and with every hair in place, "delivers" a baby after a few token grunts and groans. Seconds later, the doctor presents the glowing parents with a picture-perfect, neatly combed and scrubbed, cooing several-month-old infant, who, if he were any older, probably could walk out of the delivery

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In the United States, must-carry is a regulation by the FCC requiring that cable TV systems must carry all locally-licensed television stations. These rules were upheld in a 5-4 decision by the United States Supreme Court in 1997 in the case Turner Broadcasting vs. FCC.

Although cable service providers routinely carried local affiliates of the major broadcast networks, independent stations and affiliates of minor networks were sometimes not carried, to allow cable providers to instead carry non-local programming which they felt would attract more customers to their service. Many cable operators were also equity owners in these cable channels, especially TCI, then the nation's largest multiple system operator (MSO), and had moved to replace local channels with equity-owned programming. This pressure was especially strong on cable systems with limited bandwidth for channels. The smaller local broadcasters argued that by hampering their access to this increasing segment of the local television audience, this posed a threat to the viability of free-to-view broadcast television, which they argued was a worthy public good. Local broadcast stations also argued cable systems were attempting to serve as a "gatekeeper" in competing unfairly for advertising revenue. Some affiliates of major networks also feared that non-local affiliates might negotiate to provide programming to local cable services to expand their advertising market, taking away this audience from local stations, with similar negative impact on free broadcast television. Although cable providers argued that such regulation would impose an undue burden on their flexibility in selecting which services would be most appealing to their customers, the current "must-carry" rules were enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1992, and the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the rules in rejecting the arguments of the cable industry and programmers in the majority decision authored by Justice Anthony Kennedy. That decision also held that MSO's were functioning as a vertically-integrated monopoly.

A side effect of the must-carry rules is that broadcast networks cannot charge the cable-TV companies licence fees for the program content retransmitted on the cable network.


There are a few exceptions, most notably:

  • Must-carry may only be applied if the television station has made the request to be carried under this provision.
  • A station does not have distribution under must-carry legislation until a certain number of days after it provides usable signal to the headend for the cable or satellite provider; the station must pay the expense of leased lines to reach providers such as Colorado-based Dish Network or California-based DirecTV.
  • Foreign signals, such as Windsor stations or Tijuana's Fox affiliate (XETV), are not required to be carried.
  • Low-power broadcasts and translators are not required to be carried.

Digital must-carry

Digital must-carry — also called "dual must-carry" — is the potential requirement that cable companies carry both the analog and digital transmissions of local stations. This is being opposed by numerous television networks, who might be bumped off of digital cable were this to happen, and promoted by TV stations and the National Association of Broadcasters, whom it would benefit by passing their HDTV or multichannel DTV signals through to their cable viewers.

Other networks

A variation of "must-carry" also applies to DBS services like DirecTV and DiSH Network. They are not required to carry local stations in every metro area in which they provide service, but must carry all of an area's local stations if they carry any at all. Sometimes, these will be placed on spotbeams: narrowly-directed satellite signals targeted to an area of no more than a few hundred miles diameter, in order to allow the transponder frequencies to be re-used in other markets. In some cases, stations of lower perceived importance are placed on "side satellites" which require a second antenna. This practice has raised some controversy within the industry, leading to the requirement that the satellite provider offer to install any extra dish antenna hardware for free and place a notice to this effect in place of any missing channels.

In Ireland, cable, MMDS and satellite companies have Comreg regulated "must-carry" stations. For cable companies, this covers RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TV3 and TG4. The same rules apply to licence satellite television (Sky Digital) and digital MMDS. Analogue MMDS companies are required to carry only TV3 due to serious bandwidth limitations.

Retransmission consent

In the U.S. the must-carry principles have been partly abandoned in favor for retransmission consent. Starting from 1 Jan 2006 stations are allowed to opt-out of the must-carry rules and charge licence fees for their programming. There is however no obligation for the provider to carry the signal on these terms. This option allows national broadcasters, such as CBS, NBC and ABC to charge cable or satellite providers for signals. In some cases, these channels have been temporarily removed from distribution by systems who felt broadcasters were asking too steep a price for their signal. In one incident, all CBS-owned local stations plus MTV/VH1 and Nickelodeon were removed from DiSH Network for two days in 2004.

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  • http://www.lasarletter.com/freepage.php?id=200606161 Attack of the digital "must-carry" lobbyists
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Tech to be featured as part of GSC's football TV package 

The Courier - Jun 24 11:09 AM
Courier sports staff The Wonder Boys will be back in prime time this season.

SkyTrak on Cable 
WTHR Indianapolis - Jun 13 1:36 PM
The SkyTrak Weather Network can be seen over-the-air on Channel 50 in northern Marion, southern Hamilton and southern Boone counties. SkyTrak is also available on these central Indiana cable systems.