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Musical artist
Birth name Chris Ward
Also known as mc chris
Born September 2, 1975
Genre/s nerdcore hip hop
Years active 2001-present
Label/s jet pack industries
Website www.mcchris.com
The title of this article should be mc chris. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical restrictions.

Chris Ward IV (born September 2, 1975), otherwise known as mc chris (always free from punctuation and capitalization), is a voice actor, rapper and improvisational comedian born in Libertyville, Illinois. He is currently signed on the indie label jet pack industries. His trademarks include the synthesis of his "geek" heritage with the "gangster" image associated with hip hop artists, and the high pitch of his voice, celebrated in his 2003 song "10 Year Old" (likening his voice to a child of ten years age).

He has appeared on many of Williams Street Studios' shows on Adult Swim, most notably Aqua Teen Hunger Force (as the crude and often misguided MC Pee Pants) and Sealab 2021 (in some bit parts, consistently recurring as the also crude and often misguided Hesh), and a bit part in The Brak Show. He also wrote for Sealab 2021 and The Brak Show, and later lent a track to the online music game Flash Flash Revolution.

Chris has released four albums, the first of which is downloadable for free on his website (click Raps from the front page). In October of 2004, he announced his resignation from Cartoon Network to the public on his blog to focus on his recording career (roughly halfway through the entry), but has said that he is willing to return to Williams Street when needed and hopes to be featured in the motion picture for "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". He has since toured throughout the continental United States in an effort to expose all of America to the growing genre of nerdcore rap. mc chris encourages fans to mix his songs and play their own role in the growth of what is a relatively new genre.

In January of 2006 mc chris was a nominee for Spin Magazine's "Band of the Year" contest at Spin.com but after gaining an over 20% margin in his first round battle with Demander, the voting was shut down for maintenance and when it came back Demander was declared the winner.

Chris makes an appearance on fellow rapper MC Lars' album "The Graduate", as a less than sociable college roommate on the track "The Roommate From Hell".

Chris is known for producing freestyle raps in his concerts. For instance, at a February 2006 show, he improvised a song about Katamari Damacy that was synchronized to the Katamari Damacy theme song.


External links

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  • Interview From September of 2005
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